wide left margin - Xwindow

wide left margin - Xwindow

Post by Roy Wilso » Sun, 12 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I seem to have a wide, black margin at the left side of my screen
whenever I start Xwindows.  Anyone else have that problem?

Other than that, it works okay.

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wide left margin - Xwindow

Post by Roy Stogn » Sun, 12 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Quote:>I seem to have a wide, black margin at the left side of my screen
>whenever I start Xwindows.  Anyone else have that problem?

On one of the computers I set up X on, yes.  You need to change the
sync values of the image going to your monitor.  XF86Setup or MetroX's
configX will let you do this fairly automatically, or you can run
xvidtune, tweak with that, then copy the numbers it gives you into
XF86Config yourself.
Roy Stogner


1. Problem: mgetty writing faxes with wide margins

I recently installed mgetty-sendfax 1.1.14 (the one that came with Redhat
6.0) and got incoming data and fax calls via my USR Courier Sportster
56k working with absolutely no trouble, save one.  When a fax is converted
into Postscript and either printed or viewed, the result is that the fax
has been scaled down to fit on a page with two-inch margins all around; in
other words, the fax is about 4.5x7 inches on an 8.5x11 page.

Here is an example of how a fax -- the last one I received -- was
received and converted.  First, the information about the fax that mgetty
emailed me:

        Communication parameters: +FCS:0,5,0,2,0,0,0,0
            Resolution : normal
            Bit Rate   : 14400
            Page Width : 1728 pixels
            Page Length: unlimited
            Compression: 0 (1d mod Huffman)
            Error Corr.: none
            Scan Time  : 0

Then the conversion from g3 into Postscript:

        foreach i (fn8f90c92S0-_-+0000000000_.0[1-4])
                g32pbm $i | pbmtops > $i.ps

(This is g32pbm written by Gert Doering that came with mgetty-sendfax.)

The resulting pages each had approximately a two-inch border, and the fax
had been scaled down accordingly when viewed with ghostscript or printed
to the Postscript laser printer.

Just to rule out the possibility of a screwy fax machine on the sending
end, I tried a test fax from work, from a fax machine that I know works
fine, and the same thing happened -- two inch border around everything.

And if it matters, the modem is configured by mgetty as follows:

04/15 20:44:31 yS0  USR Courier/Sportster 56k detected
04/15 20:44:31 yS0  mdm_send: 'ATI3'
04/15 20:44:31 yS0  additional info: 'U.S. Robotics 56K FAX EXT V5.1.4'
04/15 20:44:31 yS0  mdm_send: 'AT+FCLASS=2.0' -> OK
04/15 20:44:32 yS0  mdm_send: 'AT+FAA=0;+FCR=1' -> OK
04/15 20:44:32 yS0  mdm_send: 'AT+FBO=1' -> OK
04/15 20:44:32 yS0  mdm_send: 'AT+FNR=1,1,1,0' -> OK
04/15 20:44:32 yS0  mdm_send: 'AT+FLI="<my fax number>"' -> OK
04/15 20:44:32 yS0  mdm_send: 'AT+FCC=1,5,0,2,0,0,0,0' -> OK

The mgetty configuration regarding faxes is pretty much the one out of
the box, except, of course, that tty devices, phone numbers, and fax
headers have been changed.

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?  Is it a problem with mgetty
and/or its configuration?  Is it the conversion process described above?



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