harddisk activity light and Sony CDU55E IDE CDROM

harddisk activity light and Sony CDU55E IDE CDROM

Post by Chi-hsuan L » Sat, 03 Feb 1996 04:00:00

        I have a internal Sony CDU55E IDE CDROM, which I hooked up as
secondary ide device to my computer. After the hookup, I did have a
operational CDROM. A strange thing is the harddisk activity LED light now
is always lighted even the harddisk doesn't have any activity which I can
tell from the sound it makes. It is not really a problem but I just want
to know why it is that way. BTW, I have OS/2 Warp on the same system. And
the harddisk LED light behaves normally under OS/2.


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Well, I have a Sony CDU55E working great with Linux 1.3.31.. It wasn't
working at all (caused a lock-up) with some of the early 1.3.x kernels I
had, but now it's fine.

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