Is there a Gnome applet for V.92 modem?

Is there a Gnome applet for V.92 modem?

Post by Reverend Hors » Fri, 16 Aug 2002 09:25:05

good question...........try the linux user groups.........:)
thats yer best bet on this.......:P

Quote:> I have a USR 5610B v.92 modem - is there a gnome applet (rp3?) that uses
> the modem-on-hold feature?


1. actiontec v.92 callwaiting modem

Hello everyone.I have a actiontec v.92 callwaiting modem.Every time I
try to logon to my isp I get an error saying serial line is not 8 bit
clean.I have tried the lcp-max-configure 30.That did not work.I was
wondering if it was a driver problem or not.I use to have a usr
3cp5610a modem upgraded to v.92.It gave me and error saying line is
loopbacked or something like that.I found the right drivers for it.I
download the new drivers for it and it started working without a
problem.Thats why I wonder if it is a driver problem,but i dont know
what it is.I hope it aint the drivers cuase actiontec does not provide
linux drivers.I would appreciate any help.

Thank You,

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