Funny linux sentence...

Funny linux sentence...

Post by Julio C. Gutierre » Tue, 10 Nov 1998 04:00:00


Probably most of you would have heard or seen this, but for those who
haven't, I think it's worth. I have found a sentence that says...


It's totally true.  :-DDD

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1. funny FUNNY MS story

Your going to love this.  Today I found both Bill Gates and Paul Allen's
social security numbers : ) God, I don't know why this kind of
information keeps coming to me.  I'm not looking. I'm not allowed to call
up Microsoft or send e-mail over there.  So I put them up on my web
hoping someone at Microsoft might see them--like Bill Gates and Paul

<h2>Bill Gates' Social Security Number: <B> 539-60-5125  </B>
Paul G. Allen's Social Security Number:  <B> 536-58-3118  </B>

Of course they have me censored because I use to send stuff like this
directly to Bill.  It's so much better to post things publicly on the
internet than to send private e-mail.  Gates should fire the whole lot of
them for being so stupid.


You're the Apple of my IBM. I'd Love to take a byte.
You really make my disk hard. Shall we go online tonight?
                    _         _
                .-~" "~-._.-~" "~-.
              __ ... . -^-- ,- -- - - -^ ,._   .
     _. - ~`v .                     '  ( `,  `,=')---.-.
   '           `.                 .'   `\'   ;."~-._` )`)
   `.            `._           _.'           {      )'~-,
                    `-.     .-'               `-  /'( >~
                       `. .'                    `(_.-'

Redmond Rose~


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