Automatic backup

Automatic backup

Post by Lindoze 200 » Mon, 18 Oct 1999 04:00:00

> Just got done reading about a Windows program called AutoSave from V
> Communications.  It will automatically back up files you define when
> they are saved or at time intervals.  Anything like this for Linux?

> Dennis,

crond which does cron jobs.
crond runs all day. so you can have your computer do something everyday
at 5:34am or
have it do something once a month at the 12th at 6am.
cron does NOT do backups, it just schedules tasks.

Thank you for your valuable input. Your useful answers will benifit
other users as well.
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1. Automatic Backups -- or automatic in general. :)

I'd like my LinuxPPC system, running Kernel 2.2.18 (RedHat distribution) to
be able to do (incremental) backups on its own at 4:00AM, a la Restrospect
Express on the Mac side.  The preferred format of storage would be bzip2'd
tarballs, saved to either my CD-RW or a Zip250.

Is there any way to reliabaly do this?  I'm assuming I have to start up some
"infinite" process in the background during the startup phase.

Also, what kind of permissions would I need to access the Zip250/CD-RW for
*writing*?  Would a simple

        chmod g=rwx /dev/cdrw
        chgrp backup /dev/cdrw

work, and I could assign the backup process to group "backup"?  Or do
background processes usually run as ROOT?



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