printer driver OpenOffice

printer driver OpenOffice

Post by Charles T. Youn » Fri, 27 Dec 2002 11:39:18

When I try to print to my HP694C from OpenOffice, it loads each page of
paper and prints characters from what looks like the start of a postscript
file, and continues until the pile of paper is used up. When I try to to instal
this printer from the OpenOffice printer program, I don't see my printer
in the list.I see alist of strange printers that has nothing like  mine.
(Did I wake up on the wrong planet?) There is
a browse mode in the OpenOffice printer selection window,
wherein the program asks met to tell it where the driver for my printer
is. I have looked all through my files for something that looks like
printer drivers, with no luck.

When I first booted up my computer with this printer I saw a message that
it recognized the printer. I am able to print text files with the lpr
command and print graphics from Gimp. Thus, I think the problem has to do
with OpenOffice and its own method of setting up printers.

I can get a printout of   my OpenOffice document by printing to
a postscript file and printing with lpr. But it would sure be nicer
to print directly from OpenOffice like it is supposed to do.

My computer is a Gateway 2500, running Red Hat Linux 8.0.

This is an update of my post of about 12/21/02. I have learned a lot
since then, but have still not solved my problem.

It would sure help if you could reply by e-mail because the newsgroups
are really slow to load here.


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