Adaptec 1510 (AHA 1510) SCSI controller

Adaptec 1510 (AHA 1510) SCSI controller

Post by Saul J. Rosenbe » Thu, 02 Jun 1994 05:47:21

Original Problem description:
    Unable to boot Linux 1.0 from NEC 3Xi triple speed CDROM

Revised problem statement:
    Unable to boot Linux 1.0 from Adaptec AHA 1510

In my prior email, I had indicated that I could not boot Linux 1.1
(Yggdrasil Summer 1994) from an NEC 3xi CDROM on a system with an
integrated SCSI controller on the motherboard (Adaptec 1510)

To identify whether the NEC CDROM or the SCSI controller was the
problem, I purchased a low cost Future Domain TMC-1670 controller,
and shifted the NEC CDROM to that.

NEC CDROM was probably not the problem.

However, the error messages still remain whenever the SCSI disk is
accessed.  Specifically, the error lines with...
    aha152x: P_CMD: 1(0) bytes left in FIFO, resetting

Therefore, my conclusion is that it is the AHA 1510 that is
incompatible with the Linux software.

***Caution: do not repeat this experiment...
Because Linux is important to us, and since I had a relatively new
system with (most) things backed up, I decided to ignore the error
messages, hope they were warnings only, and try the first step of
installing Linux, namely running Linux's FDISK.

This was a mistake.

Two errors were printed.  Linux FDISK complained that the number of
cylinders was 1033, and that some software might not run correctly
if the number of cylinders exceeds 1024.  (This error may be
independent of the controller)

Linux FDISK appeared to run OK (of course generating more disk I/O
error messages).  However, the disk was still not usable.  Worse,
whatever was done to the partition table meant that DOS FDISK now
prints an error message ("error in fixed disk") and immediately aborts.

IOW, I now had a disk with a logical partition that was useless under
Linux, and not able to be deleted or modified or Formatted by DOS.
Also, the active partition was switched away from DOS, and I had
difficulty in trying to switch it back so DOS would boot as before.

After trying to recover from this situation, I did the ultimate
reset: namely reformatted the whole disk, then reloaded the partition
tables via DOS, and reloaded my software.  Painful :-(
Wasted 1-2 days.

20/20 hindsight: It is possible the Norton utilities "rescue" disk or
other software which saves / reloads the partition table might have
helped in this situation.

Bottom line thoughts:

Do not install Linux on a system with an AHA 1510 SCSI controller
until this controller is supported.

Disks with more than 1024 cylinders may be a problem, or the extra
cylinders may not be able to be used by Linux.

NEC CDROM 3xi (CDR-500) is probably OK

Boot options used (see pg 58 of manual)
    linux aha152x=0x340,11,7,1

    Linux from Yggdrasil, Summer 1994, version 1.1, received 5/94

    486/66, AMI motherboards, 16 MB memory

    single-device internal SCSI cable:
    1) Adaptec SCSI controller, integrated on the motherboard, which
       identifies itself as AHA 1510/AIC 6360, IO Port 340H, IRQ 11
    2) SCSI disk, Fuji 1 GB, terminated

    single-device internal SCSI cable:
    1) Future Domain TMC 1670 SCSI controller board (IRQ 10)
    2) NEC CDROM 3xi, terminated

    The backpage of the Yggdrasil booklet does not list the NEC drive.
    The Adaptec 1510 SCSI controller is listed as experimental,
    which means it may or may not work.

Any help would be appreciated....
Saul Rosenberg


Adaptec 1510 (AHA 1510) SCSI controller

Post by John Prue » Sat, 18 Jun 1994 12:54:27

Quote:>Revised problem statement:
>    Unable to boot Linux 1.0 from Adaptec AHA 1510
>Therefore, my conclusion is that it is the AHA 1510 that is
>incompatible with the Linux software.
>Any help would be appreciated....
>Saul Rosenberg

Hello fellow LINUX users,
   I sent for an adaptic 1510, a day before I read this message.  I will be
using it with a single hard drive.  Has anyone made this card work on LINUX
with no problem?  

Thanks in advance



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