Term Problem

Term Problem

Post by Elvio Serr » Wed, 31 May 1995 04:00:00

I'm using linux 1.1.94 from InfoMagic and X11R6 and I'v compile term
v2.3.5 on my PC and at my provider also. I have a script whch logs me in
and starts my term but during 10 secs of usgae it locks up. Someone
mentioned that I should use linecheck to find out which control codes I
should escape in my termrc file and ignore the same at my providers
account termrc file. From my PC I type bash to go to the shell, then I
type linecheck < /dev/modem > /dev/modem 2>local.output and when I
examine the linecheck.log file it states unexpected packet three times
and then it sits there.

Any solutions will be greatly appreciated. I know I'm doing something wrong.
Regards Elvio


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I have a SCO OpenServer 5.02 Enterprise System on local and remote sites.
There is an ISDN-router (TCP/IP, no PPP) attached to LAN on both sides.
Ping and rlogin works, and I can connect to DBMS sessions (from any host to
any other host).

But the remote printing.
I have enabled (via SCOadmin) Local and Remote UNIX Print Services. When I
try to add a remote printer (SCOadmin: Printer
 ->Add Remote->UNIX->Host, Select->Printer, Select) I get: Failed to
retrieve list of local printers and their descriptions. Details: "myhost"
failed to connect to "myhost". Failure with connection to server. Remote
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tty12 and ansi ttyp0.... ansi ttyp6. I use character based sessions (no
mouse) and scologin is not running.

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