INN+Suck = Reply postings not threaded

INN+Suck = Reply postings not threaded

Post by Alex Li » Wed, 29 Apr 1998 04:00:00


I am using Redhat 5.0 and have just finished configuring Inn-1.7.2 to
work with suck. I have followed the manual closely and is able to do a
suck from my ISP to populate the newsgroups of my choice.

I can read the newgroups with Netscape 4.04 and can post. However, the
postings made by me in reply to another post does not seem to be
threaded at all. Instead, it will jump off to another line all by

Is this a normal behaviour or I am missing something obvious here?
Kindly cc a copy of any replies to my email address as my ISP is
notorious for dropping feeds.

Thanks in advance/


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