Linux for < 40 MB hard disk??

Linux for < 40 MB hard disk??

Post by Kenneth W Lind » Mon, 13 Feb 1995 01:41:51

Well, that is a toughie.  If I remember correctly, when I tried what you
are doing, I only had limited success.  Most of my problems came from
setting up and using a swap file.  Not only that, it was realy rather
slow... about twice as slow as DOS.  I said to myself, What the Heck.  I
backed up my 40 MB HD, removed the partition, and installed Linux using
the xiafs file system.  What an improvement!  It is much faster and MUCH
more stable.  If removing your DOS partition is even a remote option, I
suggest you try it.

BTW I have a 386SX16 with 4MBRAM and a 40 MB HD with a 10MB swap
partition.  I have GCC, basic networking utilities, some source, and some
games on my machine.  Great little experimentation unit!

Ken L.   KA9RVK/0


1. Linux for < 40 MB hard disk??

I have a 386 with 4MB of memory. It has a 40 MB which is about 75% full,
leaving about 10 MB free. It runs MSDOS at the moment.

What I want to do is to run Linux straight out of the MSDOS partition
because I do not want to split the already contrived hard disk. (I will
get a new hard disk real soon, but for the moment, I hope I can do
without that.)

I just want to run a few applications of Linux, including dip, slip,
telnet, ftp and ztalk. I want to put these applications (including the
shell programs) in the remaining 10 MB, sharing the same partition with
the MSDOS file system.

Is this possible?

L S Ng

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