Console problem

Console problem

Post by APPANAH Ra » Fri, 12 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hi !!!
        I upgrade my redhat 5.1 (kernel 2.0.34 on a PII 300 box)
system to a v2.2.2 kernel. Le console terminal seems to be freeze. I
can't logon at the console. I must telnet the machine to get in.
        What's the problem !!!
        There was no problem with 2.0.34 kernel.

        Thanks a lot !!


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1. Linux console problems

: Using RH5.1 and /bin/ksh as my login shell.

: I have the following in my .profile
: stty erase "^H" intr "^?" kill "^U"
: because I want the <Backspace> key to erase the previous char, the ^U key
: to erase the current command line and the <Del> key to abort the
: command-line.

: This is working fine with X i.e. when I do 'xterm -ls'.

: But when I Ctrl-Alt-Fn out to a linux console, things get messed up.

: The Backspace key is producing ^? which aborts my command line. Ctrl-U is
: working fine. Finally, the Del key is producing ^[[3~.

: 'infocmp linux' tells me that these keys are indeed expected to produce
: these keycodes. Why is this so? How can I change it? I tried changing the
: terminfo database and 'tic'ed it to $HOME/.terminfo but that didnt help.
: Didnt expect it to, since terminfo merely _documents_ what keycodes are
: generated for the benefit of other applications.

: Is ther a way similar to 'xterm*vt100*translations' that I can control
: which keys generate which keycodes?

The console is emulating vt100 which is doing it correctly.  If you want to
change the keyboard binding of the virtual console, you use the program
"loadkeys".  It is similar to xmodmap.

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