Reading DAT-Tapes in different tape-drives

Reading DAT-Tapes in different tape-drives

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Hi there,
I have problems to read backups, which were created with
'dump' or 'tar' on 90m-DAT-Tapes with a SONY SDT-4000-Dat, in a different
DAT-Tape-Drive (HP 1534). The same problem occurs, when I try reading and
restoring archives created on HP-Dat-Drive with the Sony-Device.
Using the HP to read Sony created archives there is no warning or error
message, just nothing happens. When trying to read archives created with HP
in Sony-drive for 'dump' there are warnings telling something like
'blocksize 512 is not a multiple of 1024'. I tried with the '-b'-Option
(block size) in creating and reading the archives, but it didn't help.
Is there a way to create backups readable by all tapes or at least by the two
I mentioned?

Thank you for your Help,
 Burkhard Heller  


1. DAT TAPE DRIVES: Wangtek can't read HP DAT tapes

I have both:
WANGTEK   Model: 6130-HS           Rev: 4G16
HP        Model: C1533A            Rev: 9503

Neither unit can read tapes created by the other machine. Is there a way
to create tapes that can be read by both machines?

I use a program called TAPEDISK in DOS and Windows. Tapes created on
either machine are readable by the other.

BTW, is there a program similar to DOS TAPEDISK in the UNIX world?
TAPEDISK makes a tape drive appear to be one large harddisk.

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