Tux Paint 0.9.2 released; includes Korean support

Tux Paint 0.9.2 released; includes Korean support

Post by William Kendri » Thu, 12 Dec 2002 17:44:51

Tux Paint is an Open Source drawing program for young kids that's
available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Version 0.9.2 was just released (as source), and includes support for
Korean!  Here's a screenshot:


For more information, visit:


Hopefully Windows and Mac OS X ports of this latest version will be available
soon.  Debian GNU/Linux packages should be available within a week, as well!




1. Tux Paint 2002.10.06 released

"Tux Paint" is a simple and entertaining paint program for young children,
released as free, Open Source software.  It supports over a dozen languages!

Version 2002.10.06 has been released for Unix, Linux and Windows.

Changes include, among other things:

  * Updates to Windows printing support:

    + Better aspect-ration  (circles are now circular)
    + Image is centered on the page
    + Printouts work in "high-quality" mode

    (Tested and looks great on an Epson Stylus Color 860)

  * Translations updates:

    + Spanish
    + Brazilian Portuguese
    + Finnish
    + Norwegian
    + Icelandic

An updated set of 'Rubber Stamps' has also been released.
Cocoranch Organic Farmers Market in Davis, California, was kind enough to
allow me to photograph some more produce for the collection of food-related
stamps.  (Most of the food was grown by Towani Organic Farm in Bangor, Calif.)

  * Chile pepper
  * Eggplant
  * Bundle of garlic
  * Large pumpkin
  * Small pumkin
  * Red lettuce
  * Yellow pepper
  * Lemon
  * Banana
  * Silver trashcan

(The previous release also included a few cute Halloween stamps, with
goofy sound effects! :^) )

For more information, screenshots, and to download Tux Paint, visit:


(Parts of the website have also been translated into various
languages, including Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese,
Danish, Dutch, Icelandic and Swedish!)

Also, thanks to CafePress.com, I've created a infant/toddler t-shirt
with the Tux Paint logo on it!


Tux Paint is free software!  Share it with your friends!
Help contribute!  Base your own free software projects on its code!




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