NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 17 December 2002 NYLXS Board Meeting, also December 2002 Schedule of Classes

NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 17 December 2002 NYLXS Board Meeting, also December 2002 Schedule of Classes

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ANNOUNCEMENT: NYLXS Dinner: Board Meeting
Important: A Board Meeting is scheduled to make plans for the Annual Dinner
during the LWE on January 24th.  The Board Meeting is the Killarney Rose at
80 Beaver Street on December 17th, 2002 on the second Floor.

ANNOUNCEMENT: FSI December Class Schedule
This Coming December, NYLXS and the Free Software Institute is rolling out a
whole new set of classes and some new instructors.

The New Schedule is at

First, I'd like to thank Peter Norton for taking over the Unix 2 Shell
Scripting Class. I rarely get to tell Peter what I think of him :0

Peter, while we sometimes disagree, is a thorough, diligent and extremely well
versed Free Software user who covers with precision an amazing amount of ground
in System Administration and Programming topics. While he's been the point man
for many years on NYLUG, fielding dozens of questions, this is the first
chance, that I'm aware of, where he gets to teach in depth and breath, in an
organized fashion, both Unix skills and Networking prinicples in the Unix 1 and
Advanced Networking Classes.

The FSI is happy to Have Peter on board as an instructor and we are looking
forward to working with him to carve out the upper levels of our program and to
add a new entry to the NYLXS communittee resources.

In addition, we are offering Introdcution to C Programming, by either Billy
Donahue, or myself, Ruben Safir (or both of us). Billy is just the best damn C
programmer I've ever met for someone of his age. Billy lights up a room where
ever he stands, and if anyone doubts his capability, they must have missed his
C and TCL inservice. One of the most intense ones we've had to date.

Marco, our resident Mutli-Media Guru, is giving Unix 1 class. Marco is just one
of the good people, and very knowledgable. He's been a god-send for NYLXS.
Anyone who wants to repeat this class and who has taken it previously, is
welcome to sit in again.

Marco is also giving a Class on the GIMP. Many of us use the GIMP, but nearly
none of us are professional artists. Marco is :) Take this class and have your
arts freidns take it too!! You won't be sorry!

Lastly, Perl2 will be given. Anyone who has taken this class and wants to
repeat it is welcome to sit in, no charge. Perl 2 focuses on Object programming
in Perl, basic Database and Apache Programming, clusres and more.

All the funds for these programs are used to help advocate Free Software in
Business, Education and the Arts....

So come join us, and help yourself in the process!

New Yorker Free Software Scene
Fair Use -
because it's either fair use or useless....


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LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.


1. NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 11 December 2002 Makor Meeting: Panel on Wireless

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Wireless Technology: Hype vs. Reality
Presented by Makor's Media & Technology Network
December 11 Wednesday, 7:30-10:00 pm

Andrew Weinreich, CEO, Joltage
Peter Varvara, Advisory Board Member, Go America
Spencer Waxman, Principal, Global Technology Investments
Greg Costikyan, Chief Creative Officer, Unplugged Inc.
Moderated by Eric Goldberg, Principal, Crossover Technologies

It is the dominant communications and computing technology for the 21st
Century, with over 135 million cellular subscribers in the US alone
(roughly half the population) and with wireless connections to the Internet
projected to become the preferred form of access within 3 years.  Consumers
want wireless computing wherever they go, and the telecoms and wi-fi
companies are struggling with the limitations of the technology to provide
the services their customers want.

What's the reality of what can currently be delivered?  What's science
fiction?  (Hint: many of those high-production value ads on television)

What wireless services are consumers paying for?  What would they pay for
if these could only be delivered?

With both the ISP and telecoms sectors having suffered a financial
meltdown, what are the near-term prospects for doing business in the field?

Makor, a program of the 92nd Street Y, is located at 35 W. 67th St.
between Columbus and Central Park West.

To reserve, call 212-601-1000.


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Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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