uploading a large number of files goes wrong

uploading a large number of files goes wrong

Post by Erwin Lubbe » Wed, 20 May 1998 04:00:00


My WU.FTPD has a problem with uploading with uploading a large number
of files in one session. After around 150 files it tells the client
software that there are 'too many files' open. Does someone know the
answer to this problem?



1. Library management tools for large number of large data files.

Hello, we have an application where a large number of large (10-150M)
data files are to be kept track of and checked in and out by users.
Does anyone know of a program commercial or otherwise that can do
this. The way it is looking now the total size of files may be tens of
gigabytes and hence may have to be archived on tape. Which means
a program that can keep track of files on tape as well as disk will
be helpful. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you

-- Bala  Guthy

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