Lazy Git wants XF86Config for fun time

Lazy Git wants XF86Config for fun time

Post by sleeples » Wed, 04 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Anybody with a (working) XF86Config for the ARK1000PV video
card, please e-mail me a copy, and save me from a load of
work.  I have meddled with configs in the past, but I haven't
got the time right now.  Oh, I'd like 1024x768 if possible.
The monitor is an Iiyama 17" Vision Master Pro, if it helps.

(my address in the header is just plain silly) - And make
it quick - I leave my current job on Thursday. Getting married
and moving job is pretty stressful, I can tell you!

A thousand thank-yous of the highest magnitude



1. Fun fun fun! :)

I upgraded xf 4.0 to xf 4.0.1 on my PPC running YDL 1.2 (redhat).  I
wanted the latest and greatest video driver... which seems to be very
nice, so far!!

Well, for anyone about to do this, be warned that the XF86Config file
has incorrect keyboard mappings for G4s, anyway.  You can copy the old
settings from the old config file, and you have to do some tweaking
since the config file format has changed, but I think it will be obvious
to you when you compare the two.

Good luck to anyone else out there who is getting ready to upgrade.  I
also upgraded gnome to helix-gnome last night...  that too was an
adventure.  But thanks to the many helpful people who read this
newsgroup, I was able to get through it!   :)


Mike J.

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