video card info - what is the fastest video Card on X?

video card info - what is the fastest video Card on X?

Post by Marco Giardin » Tue, 21 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I'm looking for a really fast video card fullsy supported by Xwindows
So ... what card shall i buy? Matrox Millenium or something else (ati
pro turbo).
What is the fastet video card supported by Linux, that enable me to work
with more than 256 color on a 17" monitor?
Thanks for replying


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1. Programming video card (ATI card w/ s-video & tv-out) Need direction to correct info

    I hope some people read this and can help me out.

I have a ATI Rage Pro pci video card that has s-video and tv-out. I want
to be able to use the s-video and tv-out on the card. Now, is this down
by the app(like what I find on Video4Linux) or is it in Xfree86?

I want to know if there has been a driver developed which accesses the
s-video and tv-out on the ATI card. If so, a pointer to the source would
be great.

If not, then I would like to know how would I go about to use the
s-video and tv-out. I just need some clarification on if the actual app
would take care of loading up the s-video interface and tv-out interface
or if it is the actual video card driver(Xfree86?).

Thanks for any help in advanced and if it isn't too much trouble, can
you also cc: you rhelp to my e-mail?



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