scripting problems

scripting problems

Post by Kristian E Anderso » Thu, 08 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Would the fact that csh is not in the bin directory prevent a script from
working or perhaps not work propperly?

I am trying to get a couple of scripts to run correctly.  The scripts are
used set up and start a MOO and MUD.

They either don't run or run incorrectly.

This might help. When I type csh -f myself nothing happens.  When I type
exit I get logged off.  If I type sh then type exit it exits and returns
to the previous shell.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

Kris Anderson


1. su in rc scripts or startup scripts problem


/sbin/su -usr1 'touch /export/home/user1/abc'

When the above script added to my rc script the system, the system display
the following error message when it's startup.

Sep 21 12:18:57 su: 'su user1' succeed for root on /dev/console
/dev/fd: Permission denied
Graphics Adapter device /dev/fd is of unknown type
Fatal server error:
InitOutput: Error loading module for /dev/fd
giving up:
/usr/openwin/bin/Xinit : Connection refused
(errno 146):unable to connect to X server
/usr/openwin/bin/Xinit : No such process
(errno 3):server error

But when I remark (#) that script no erro message is displayed.  I'd be
grateful if you can give me some advices.

Best Regards,

Paul Yip
Multimedia Unit
Information Technology Services Centre
Hong Kong Baptist University
Tel:  34117181
Fax: 27942888

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