PAP using DIP?

PAP using DIP?

Post by Allen V. Vartorel » Tue, 08 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Does anyone know how to configure a dip scrip to connect PPP to a server
that uses PAP?  Any information would be great.  Thanks!

Allen Vartorella


1. PAP with Dip or PPD. Which is best?

I have an internet isdn account that uses the PAP login scheme.  Does dip
support this?  What about PPPD?  Does anyone have a sample script for
either of  these using PAP?
  Also do you need a driver for isdn modems, or can i just use it as if it
was a modem?
        Last question is does PPPD come with linux.  Ive installed the N
diskset but cant find pppd.  If it does come with it, where is it located?
Thanks in advance.

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