lpr -d ... pk files won't be created automagically!

lpr -d ... pk files won't be created automagically!

Post by Jan Kucer » Tue, 07 Mar 1995 05:48:25

Hi, all good souls!

The subject line says it! My "-d" filter contains essencially only the
following command

dvips -f

and I expect the needed *pk files should be generated automagically
with the aid of the script /usr/bin/MakeTexPk . Only the first will!
I am getting a message (/var/spool/lpd/lp1/errs) e.g.:
NTeX's MakeTeXPK
Trying to create font csbx12 (600dpi) at 600dpi (1+0/600) as localfont
Running mf...gftopk...pk
csbx12 created.
MakeTeXPK csbx12 600 600 1+0/600 localfont: No child processes

When using dvips from the command line, like e.g.

dvips -f < input.dvi > output.ps

everything works as it should...

I believe it is something elementary and a response won't take more
than a few lines, so I am asking first, before digging into the
problem too much.

Btw, I am runing NTeX that comes with Slackware 2.1, my kernel is 1.1.75

Thanks for any response (oh, yes, I know I'm supid!)


Jan Kucera
Institute of Physics
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