HELP! Ygg Linux Crashed!

HELP! Ygg Linux Crashed!

Post by Emilio Grimal » Fri, 04 Nov 1994 18:15:23

Yesterday night I was happily writing an email off line when
something horrible happened, but first my tech specs:

        PC:  486SX25
        Memory:  4MB
        Swap Space: 16MB
        Other:  540MB HD, standard Yggdrasil installation with
                syslogd & tcpd added.

Suddenly as I typed my mail the screen got filled with:
(some leading zeroes omitted)

        Ooops (<-- I think I saw this on my screen)
        general protection: 0000
        EIP: 00010:0011da76
        EFLAGS: 00010007
        eax: 000000ffc  ebx:000000d  ecx: cc0000000 edx: 004d7cc
        esi ............ (more registers)
        ds: 0018  es: 0018  fs: 002b  gs: 002b  ss: 0018
        Process bash (process id.......)
        Stack: ......
        Code: ......

        :  some more of that junk

        Trying to free kernel page-directory:  not good

I then switched to my root virtual screen (I was working as
myself) it was filled with the same garbage for other
processes (sendmail etc) and that was it, the whole system
hung, no keyboard, no lights, nothing moved, the system
died ungracefuly :-( so they only thing that remained to
do was shock therapy:  PRESS RESET !!!!

When the system rebooted LILO detected some errors in the
nodes and fixed them, I only lost the contents of my
edit file but.... the crash was NOT nice, I wonder if I
should postpone putting all my serious stuff there.

Any ideas of what may have caused this? Please mail me

                Thanks in advance,

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