Getting the printer to work

Getting the printer to work

Post by Wayne Swe » Sat, 03 Jun 1995 04:00:00

First, let me say this: I have four books on Linux, including the World
Book 1995. I have all the How To's and have read the FAQ's. I have
followed the Printer HowTo in setting up the /usr/spool/lpd/myprinter
directory. The first time I installed Linux, I had a struggle and
finally did something(s) that suddenly made the printer work and use
the filter that changes LF to CRLF. This time it is not working. I
re-installed to re-partition the HD.
I have a printcap of the default "lp:lp=/dev/lp1:sd=/usr/spool/lp1:sh"
and at first that did send files to the printer, but with the
stair-step problem. I set up two other "printers" in printcap to test
the filters to convert LF to CRLF. I have

The files:

if [ "$1" = -c ]; then
 sed -e s/$/^M/
echo -ne \\f

              (where ^M is cntr-c cntr-m)


echo -ne \\033\&k2G
echo -ne \\f

Now the lp and okdata printer are disabled and lpc enable lp or lpc
enable okdata only enables the spool. The myprinter is enabled but does
only send a cfA0??????? file to the spool directory. I have also tried
lpc enable /dev/lp1, but it responds no such printer. I have set all
the permissions as HowTo says ,then to -rwxrwxrwx on all the files in
the spool/lp1 directory. At one time I was using
/usr/spool/lpd/myprinter directory and the myprinter still sends the
file to that rather than /usr/spool/lp1.
I am totally run out of ideas, and unfortunately the Printer Howto
contradicts itself from, para.3.1.20 and later in the HowTo as to the
ownership and group.
BTW I have kernel 1.2.1 and InfoMagic's March 1995 Slackware 4 set
ANy ideas are appreciated.
Wayne Sweet


1. Has anyone gotten a printer to work on /dev/ecpp0 (ultra-10).

The device driver seems to only send every other character to
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e.g. the first few lines of /etc/termcap are:

# ------------------------

#       Kevin Layer, Berkeley

I put my printer into PCL mode, and the printer prints (cat > /dev/ecpp0):

                             ------------##ema orefl ()ema.r .38/32 M;fo C .867


    -- Brad


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