Opinions on Commercial Linux vendors.........

Opinions on Commercial Linux vendors.........

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I'm interested in purchasing Linux via one of the vendors and I'd like to
get opinions on which version is most recommended (e.g Rehat,Ygdrassil,
etc). Factors I'm most interested in are such things as ease of
installation, documentation, additional user support, etc. For all
intents and purpose, I am an "absolute beginner": basic Unix ability but
certainly by no means a "hacker" (in fact getting into Linux for the
educational experience.....)

Any and all suggests appreciated.


"More important than knowing is understanding."


1. Your opinion on Linux hardware vendors


I would like to buy a box with Linux pre-installed.  It would serve as my
primary workstation.  I have been to some of the websites out there (VA
Linux, Penguin Computing, etc.), but of course they all claim to be the best.  
I was hoping you could share your experiences and help me cut through the
marketing drivel they all serve up.  Who might you recommend?  My price range
is roughly $2500-3000.  TIA for your input...

Tom Dominico

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