Help : win95 killed LILO

Help : win95 killed LILO

Post by Peter Dalgaard BS » Wed, 22 Jan 1997 04:00:00

> Hi. I need some help because I reinstalled a Cd version of W95
> on my hard disk (i had a disk version, that was a little bit shitty),
> which was already hosting W95 and Linux. I know that's * (well,
> now I know...). Now The MBR was overwritten by W95 and LILO has been
> crushed. What can I do to reinstall LILO (I use the RedHat 3.0
> distribution) ?

That one's easy. Take your installation kernel-floppy and at the lilo
prompt enter linux root=/dev/hda3 (or wherever your root partition
lives). When it's booted, login as root and run /sbin/lilo. Reboot.

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i hope someone can help me out of this ...

i tried to install linux on a friends machine, and killed his beloved win95
installation. and that was quite easy:

for some reason the first line of lilo.conf was

boot = /dev/hda1 instead of boot = /dev/hda

after running lilo all that appears at bootup is LI

hda1 was the only (primary) partition on hda and hda1 _WAS_ the win95
partition. i am able to start up linux (which is on the second disk) via rescue disk,
but fdisk shows not much usefull  information for hda. dos fdisk crashes at
startup. obviously i've killed some important bytes.

is there anything i can do to restore the partition? or how can i at least
restore some data.

any help appreciated.

tia, armin



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