Oddball netscape/system error - need help

Oddball netscape/system error - need help

Post by Michael P Collin » Thu, 06 Jul 1995 04:00:00

        I've been getting a bizarre error with netscape, alternating
between segmentation faults and floating point exceptions.
Originally, I assumed this was 'cos I was using it past July 1st, but
now I'm getting the same problem with Mosaic.  I also got netscape to
run temporarily yesterday; weirdly enough, lynx works fine.  
Anyway, my system is starting to go
berserk on me, giving me junk characters on man pages; when I ran fsck
to check I would be getting varying numbers of Free blocks, etc.  I've
had to reboot twice and I'm getting more than a little bit wigged out.
Any suggestions?  

        BTW, are there any documented Linux-specific Viri?  Any
scanning programs?


1. Oddball getty setup needed

I've got this brain dead USR Sportster v.34 modem that likes to speed
shift down but not up.  After 30 minutes or less online, it will have
shifted from 26400 to 19200 or lower.  I'm wondering if it's possible to
lock the speed after the connection has been made.  I use getty_ps to
control the modem and use it for dial-in shell and PPP.  Locking the
modem into a speed range of 24000-28800 in the getty init string solves my
problem, but makes it impossible to dial in with less than a v.fc modem.

Locking the speed on the client modem only locks the client receive
speed.  USR allows asymetric transmit/receive speeds, and there is no
documented command for locking the send speed or disabling asymetric

I'd like to have the server (getty ?) lock the speed at 24000-28800 only
if the connect speed is 24000 or greater.  Does anyone know if this can be
done with some kind of send/expect sequence in the getty Connect string?

Is there any way to test the value of \A during the Connect string sequence?


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