HELP: Connectivity between DOS/DOS and DOS/Linux

HELP: Connectivity between DOS/DOS and DOS/Linux

Post by Michael Dale » Thu, 15 Dec 1994 20:51:31

HI there,

In about march we should be getting a second PC in our house. I was
concidering trying to network the two machines. One of the machines
is going to be a DOS/Windows affair while the other one is hoping
to become a DOS and Linux setup. I have a few questions that I hope
that someone out there can answer. (The kind of network I'm concid-
ering is peer-to-peer, I think)

1) Using Novell Netware light on the DOS/Windows machine, could it
connect to the Linux machine using standard networking stuff? Would
I be able to have netware on my DOS partition of my Linux/DOS machine
so that when I boot it up using DOS I'm still connected?

2) If I were using the Linux front end for DOOM, could I still play
a multiplayer game across the network? Or would I have to go back to

3) Just out of curiosity, could anyone give me info on cost. I've
got a home made estimate (made from various sources) of :

Cabling (roughly)                               :20
Total                                           136

This is a rough estimate, if anyone can confirm or deny this value
please set me straight.

Answers would be much appersiated as it will influence my decision
as to weather to get the network and/or to get Linux.

TTFN and TC, Michael Dales

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HELP: Connectivity between DOS/DOS and DOS/Linux

Post by Aaron Patrick bu » Fri, 16 Dec 1994 11:33:20

 I'd be surprised if Linux'd let you run NetWare Lite in a dos emulation
session.  It certainly wouldn't interface with the Unix DOOM frontend.

Set up your Linux box to export a NFS volume, then get a NFS client.  
They're available shareware.  On Simtel, even.  nfs024-t or -w should do
the trick.  There's also a NFS server called SOSS for use in DOS.

Good luck!


1. HELP - Linux on DOS-compatible Macintosh (DOS side)

One from left field, perhaps ..  :-)

A friend has unsuccessfully attempted to install slackware onto a DOS partition
on my mac LC630 DOS-compatible. (This machine is a 68k macintosh with a 486
chip glued on to the daughter board which runs DOS/windows in a partition
on the Hard Disc. The mac necessarily boots first. The DOS chip is then
(optionally) booted, and control of the monitor and keyboard can be swapped

I found it necessary to install basic DOS OS into the partition so as to allow
the CD-rom to be accessable, so the DOS was active. Installation grounded to
a halt when the setup process called for the root-discette to be inserted,
and (if I understood correctly) to be copied into an address on the hard disc.
Error message was : kernel panic - cannot access root fs 02:01
(different address/numbers would appear as different configuarations were

In short : does anyone have any experience with this sort of setup?
  Is it not possible because of some hangup with the fact that the DOS
partition exists as a fiat from the mac OS?

Seems this question isn't asked frequently enough to make it on to the FAQ.
If it is there, and I've missed it, my apologies. I would appreciate or

Thanks !

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