Backup scripts, IP firewalling and IP masquerading

Backup scripts, IP firewalling and IP masquerading

Post by Scott Simpso » Sat, 14 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I posted some backup scripts I wrote on
These scripts dump a set of filesystems to a large SCSI tape drive (such as
a DAT) drive using the dump(8) and restore(8) programs that come with Linux.

Also, on that page is a description of IP firewalling and IP masquerading.
A sample script to set these up is contained there too.


1. Kernel versions, IP firewalls, IP masquerading and stability

Greetings all, I have a question or two to put to you about kernel

What is the earliest version of the kernel that supports IP
masquerading and IP firewalls (proxy ARP, and various proxy servers)?
I understand that 1.2.x are "stable" releases of linux and that the
last 1.2.x version is 1.2.10.  Then there is 1.3.x - which is supposed
to be experimental.

I am presently using linux kernel 1.2.8 as distributed with
InfoMagic's slackware 2.3 distribution     What I want to know is
which version of the kernel I should be using for my linux box, I need
those above features.

Also, I have a CMD VLB EIDE controler in my machine (oh well) which I
understand has problems with data corruption.  (I have only 1 EIDE
drive connected to it and my CDROM is SCSI)  What revision of the
kernel do I need to use for this not to be a worry?

I also want to look at NFS, but if I understand that correctly then
this is a daemon that is loaded by the init process.  I am a relative
new comer to linux and am a little overwhelmed by the quantity of
information sources, knowing where to go.

cheers, Dave

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