Software RAID-1 > Normal Partition

Software RAID-1 > Normal Partition

Post by Jacob Josep » Sun, 05 Aug 2001 17:23:26

    Hello all.  I have a question(Well, OK, SEVERAL! :) about crash
recovery of a root-mounted software raid filesystem.  I think I have decided
on choice #1, below, but the rest is a little background on what I am trying
to do.

   I have a system running Redhat 6.2 with a raid partition mounted as
root( / ).  The "/boot" partition is a separate partition(hda1).
There are 2 drives in the system, so I am using raid-1 between 2-4GB
partitions, /dev/hda2 and /dev/hdc2.  The system has been working
great for over a year--that's not my problem.  I need to devise a
method of backing up and restoring this system in the event of a total
system failure(both HDs die, the computer gets doused with water,
etc...).  I will have to be able to guide someone with limited
computer knowledge throught the process over the phone.  There are
some downsides to going away to college. :)

OK, there's the basic idea, here's what I've got:
    I currently back up "/" to a samba share on another machine via a
quick script that tars it up, gzips it, and sends it over the network.
 However, I do not yet have a method of restoring the machine from
scratch.  I need a floppy with the raidtools on it that supports
mounting a network samba share.  I have used Mulinux
( to do this with much success on non-raid
systems.  So, I have a few options:

     1.  Since I back up frequently, I really don't need to have a
        raid array and could use the extra space.  How can I "downgrade"
        from the raid to standard partitions?  I do have another HD that I
        borrow from another computer to help in the copying, if needed.
     2.  Can anyone suggest another solution that will do what I need?

I kind of favor #1, as it would simplify things greatly.  I would not notice
any difference in performance.

Thanks for the help,
Jacob Joseph

If possible, CC responses to my e-mail.


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|  MSc CSE student, department of Computing Science
|  Ume? University, Sweden

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