Backing-up to SCSI tape Drive (2 GB Cartridge)

Backing-up to SCSI tape Drive (2 GB Cartridge)

Post by Alex Pier » Wed, 26 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Basically, I would love to know how to do this.  Currently, I am in serious
need of a backup on our campus WWW server, which a Linux box that's been
dumped in my lap.  HELP!


1. creating tar tapes from 14 gb for a 5 gb tape drive

I've been trying with no success to create a tar tape from my Solaris 2.4
system using a 14 gb tape drive for a customer with a 2.3 and a 5 gb
tape drive, working on a Sun OS.  For the 5gb drive I use /dev/rmt/0l,
for the 2.3 drive I use /dev/rmt/0ln.  The customer still can't read any
of these tapes.  The solution is not to find another media and for now
we've been ftp'ing the files to them but I don't want to have to depend
on that.  I called Sun and their response was that this is a known
problem ( a phrase that makes me cringe) and sure enough, in the
documentation, this problem is mentioned in the Late Breaking News
booklet, page 3.  There is a work around but it's not one I wish to take
at this time, editing the /kernel. The technician who brought this to my
attention heavily suggested against this also.  Is there a way to deliver
a tar created tape that this customer can read?  My next step is to
try cpio but that's not the tar created tape that the customer would
like.  Star Lakavage, Aegis Services, P. O. Box 160, Clinton, TN  37717,
telephone 615-457-8242.

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