MPEG-II audio player for Linux?

MPEG-II audio player for Linux?

Post by John Bre » Sat, 12 Mar 1994 23:32:01

Has anyone ported an MPEG-II audio player for Linux, a la



1. Problems playing any MPEG-II audio files through my *NEW* SB-Pro!

Hi all!  I just purchased last weekend a SoundBlaster Pro for my Pentium
system (for lack of anything better) and have been able to get the kernel
up and running with it OK.. I can play AU files using "cat" without any
problems, but when I fire up the latest version of "maplay 1.2" and play
an MPEG Level II audio file, I just get garbage!  It sounds as if my volume
is WAY too high.. I've fiddled around with the "-f" option (sampling rate?)
and changed it from 32767 to something < 1000 and got better results, but still
much of the sound is distorted..

Any ideas??

-- Rick


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