Give Craftworks a try!

Give Craftworks a try!

Post by Roger Moortg » Fri, 19 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I'm very surprised nobody ever mentions the Crafworks Linux
distribution in this group.
I tried Slackware, Red Hat and Craftworks. In my opinion
Craftworks beats the rest of them.
Installation is a piece of cake, no need to make boot and root
floppys. The manual is very instructive. Being a newbie I had a ppp
connection up and running in 5 minutes, the same for printing.

I'ts great, I think. You can find them on


        "You can't always get what you want"  


1. Trying to run setup gives Segmentation Fault

I am trying to load Linux on a Gateway 486SX/25 with 4MB of ram and
everything has been going just fine.  I partitioned the drives fine,
booting up with my boot and root disks, logged in as root, and used
fdisk on the linux side, all without a problem.  But when I go to run
setup, it comes back with segmentation fault.  No other info is given.
I found an old message to this newsgroup with a similar problem, and the
solution there was to turn off the external cache in BIOS, which I
tried, but the same error occured.

Is this error something anybody recogizes, and have I given enough
information?  Is so, drop me a line.

Kent Bliven

P.S.  Since my setup program has not been run yet, I do not know yet if
my CD-ROM is going to work or not.  It is a Mediavsion Reno, which
somebody gave me.  I didn't think it would work, but it is a SCSI drive,
and there is a SCSI card in the machine.  Has anyone ever got one of
these to work, or should I just spring for a new CD-ROM drive?

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