sendmail question

sendmail question

Post by Glenn Butche » Mon, 25 Aug 1997 04:00:00

> Hi Folks:

> I'm running Linux 1.2.13 with Sendmail 8.2 (I *think*). Anyways, I'm
> setting up a Linux box as an e-mail server for a student lab. The Linux
> box will be on a private subnet (192.168.x.x) without name service. The
> students will be checking and creating e-mail using Eudora clients on
> win95 stations. I would like to setup sendmail to deliver only local
> mail (from student to student). I do not want ability to e-mail to the
> Internet. Is there anyway to do this within the rulesets? If
> so, any tips on how I can accomplish this task? Thanks.

I was able to do just what you propose after installing Slackware
(1.2.13 kernel) without any tinkering.  Try setting up an account for
each user on the Linux server, then configuring each Eudora with the
username and password of the appropriate user.  I did this, and was
sending mail back and forth from Windows 3.11 w/ Pegasus Mail and DOS
6.22 w/ Popmail 3.2.  Now, someone else with more network smarts may
want to take  up the explanation on why this would work...

Glenn Butcher
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