Optical Scanner and OCR

Optical Scanner and OCR

Post by Allen Adl » Mon, 10 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I would like to know about using an optical scanner under Linux,
including (but not confined to) optical character recognition.
I'm particularly interested in free software for this with
complete source code since I need to use it for tasks that
the procrustean commercial software packages don't allow for.
Please let me know if you have any information about this.

Allan Adler


1. ocr linux scanner: ocr support for linux scanners?

 I'm looking for a scanner/OCR combination for linux.

I don't want to spend a bundle.

I know that vividata ocr shop can be used with linux.

But the scanners they support seem only to be high end, and most of
them I can't even find prices for. (maybe they are out of date).

Does anyone have experiences with running ocr shop on linux? Are there
any open source ocr attempts? rj


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