Can ANYONE explain this????? (ELF problems)

Can ANYONE explain this????? (ELF problems)

Post by Michiel Tonema » Wed, 31 Jan 1996 04:00:00

This is a question I have asked before, but I couldn't determine if my
setup was the problem. NOW THINGS ARE DIFFERENT THOUGH!! I've (completely
from scratch) installed slakware 3.0 (ELF).

I have written a tiny program that writes output to an X window. It is
basically a series of simple calculations with for every calculation a
call to XDrawLine. It is very simple; it only uses libc libm and libX11.

For some reason, it will run great when compiled under a.out (with -b
i486-linuxaout), but when compiled with ELF, it does some strange things.

The program will stop! Clicking the mouse in the window or pressing
buttons or exposing it will (for only a few steps) make the program
continue. i.e. If there are events, the program will run.

If the programs has stopped, the value of my counter which keeps track of
the program (and which is related to the values used for the coordinates
of the XDrawLine calls) gets set to zero.

Please help me, I haven't a clue what the problem could be (The program
works fine when compiled on a HP-UX machine).

I can send the code to anyone that wants to see for themselves (don't
take my word for it), it's only 10K.


Michiel Toneman (running kernel 1.2.13)


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