adding plugins to gimp-0.99.29

adding plugins to gimp-0.99.29

Post by Ray Fun » Fri, 15 May 1998 04:00:00


i've managed to compile and install a newer version of gimp (ie 0.99.29)
along with all of the assorted plugins.

however, the previous version that i had on my system was 0.54 which is
very very old... now i looked for a plugin called 'pagecurl' but couldnt
find it on any of the menus, but the exe is actually in the
.../lib/gimp/0.99/plugins directory.  i also had a look in the same dir
and other plugins arent on any of the menus either...

remembering that newer plugins were 'installed' on version 0.54 by
adding an entry to the .gimprc file, i had a look at the 'new' style
.gimprc but didnt find anything useful in there.

i then found a pluginrc (i cnat remember the exeact name but that looks
right) and in there seems to be the definition for a whole load of
plugins, but the format of these are very scary...

so the questions are
- how do i make gimp see the pagecurl (and thus other) plugins
- if i have to add something to the pluginrc file, what is the format

i had a quick look at some of the gimp manuals but they didnt seem to
tell me what i needed for this so any pointers on this would be well



ps can people PLEASE cc their replies to myself also... i'm using
communicator to read the newsgroups and sometimes (ney, a lot of times)
it dies on me before i get all the messages... tahnks again...