Copyrights & GPL

Copyrights & GPL

Post by hbaec.. » Fri, 10 Jan 1997 04:00:00

        I have seen assertions that FreeBSD (?) is distributed under a
more "servicable" copyright than the GPL. Would some kind person
please point me towards the documentation for the BSD case?



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If you make a program, text, or in my case a really cool pov-ray image (and a
 not so cool xmms skin), you can put it under the FSF GPL(or is it the GNU GPL?)
But I want people to be able to edit it, but also have the following demands:

a) my name and e-mail adress as well as that of others may not be removed from de document, and have to be put there in chronological order.

b) after you made some edits of the (in my case) pov-ray image, you have to re-post it to me, so I can put it to a cenralized spot, So I can keep track of the image, and let everyone enyoy the best image.

How do I put that in combination with the GPL or is there a separate Plublic Licence for my case?

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