help find a CAD-like package..

help find a CAD-like package..

Post by Pranay Goe » Thu, 30 Sep 1999 04:00:00


I want to find a Linux package that will allow me to make drawings (I want
the final output as a drawing) in perspective, to illustrate physics
problems. If anyone has seen the *old* Resnick and Halliday, you'll know.
I want to have in the drawings:

1. solid objects (shaded) e.g. a solenoid coil,
2. lines and symbols e.g. lines to show the magnetic field, 'B' as symbol.

Does anybody know of a package that can be used - I prefer free.

Thanks in advance - Pranay


1. HELP! Good CAD package(s) for Linux??

I'm having great difficulty finding a good CAD package for Linux.
I've searched for and downloaded quite a few, and most of them have
user interfaces that range from bizarre to horrendous and downhill
from there...
I'd obviously prefer a free package, but I'm willing to pay for

I have a couple of different applications (I'm fine with using
different CAD packages for each, but they have to be ok):

-architectural:   2 story house, garage, workshop, yard/lot plan
   plan view, elevations, 3D views, ease of use, multiple layers,
   roofing would be a nice bonus
   can export to other formats (Chief Architect, DXF, DWG, VRML, POV,

-3D parts and mechanical design
   CSG, multiple layers, materials properties, ...
   export to (DXF, DWG, VRML, POV, ...)
   export for CNC milling/machining

What would you recommend?
Are there any packages for Linux that are intuitive, easy to use, ...?
Any ports or projects in the works?
Is this hopeless and I should just buy a Windows box?
If there really is nothing out there really intuitive, what about
rolling our own (maybe leveraging an existing project)?

rpseguin AT yahoo DOT com

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