Multiple CPU

Multiple CPU

Post by PJC » Wed, 05 Apr 2000 04:00:00

1. Yes and so does any other distribution.
2. How many can you afford?
3. Very Stable if you have a good motherboard

Quote:> Hi,
>     Does Redhat 6.1 support multiple cpu?  What's the maximum no. of CPU
> supported?   How's the stability of such configuration?  Thanks!
> Chris


1. Machine with multiple CPUs: which CPU is running which process?

We have a symmatric multiprocesssing server with 4 CPUs.  Everyone
knows how to use "ps" command to get list of running processes, but I
need to know specifically which one of four CPU is running which
process out of so many processes running in the server.  Expecially, I
would like to be able to get list of processes running on a specific
CPU among those four CPUs.  Does anybody know how to?  Thank you in

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