linux: adabas oci linking error

linux: adabas oci linking error

Post by Adam Caba » Tue, 12 Jan 1999 04:00:00


I try to retranslate a program that uses oracle call interface functions
but the linking step fails. (Adabas 10.0 d / SuSE 6.0)
The "ocilnk" script of adabas includes the ocilib.a and some more libs
to call the compiler.

the sample:

/* testOCI */
#include <ociapr.h>
int main()
        ologof(0); // just one OCI function


compiling step:
gcc -c testOCI.c -I$DBROOT/incl         // is OK !

linking step:
ocilnk testOCI                          // error ! unreferences symbol (or funcion) ologof

have someone an idea why ?