Linux and Micron P90PCI

Linux and Micron P90PCI

Post by Bill Broadl » Sun, 28 Aug 1994 05:29:29

Anyone out there using the Micron P90PCI with the Buslogic bt-946c??

Any experiences appreciated.   I'll summarize any email I receive.

I read the hardware HOWTO but It just says all buslogic are supported
but I'm not sure if it's up to date enough to include Bus logic
PCI cards.



1. Trying to Install InfoMagic v3.0 on micron laptop and micron server - pci error on both???

i am trying to install and when i boot from the boot/root disk it
generates a quick fatal error about the pci bus, the scrren goes black
and the party is over...

any ideas??? i can't seem to catch the error to really see what is
wrong. i have tried about all of the boot/root disk setup combos. both
machines do the same thing.

Thanks for any guidance

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