Un-RAIDing Redhat

Un-RAIDing Redhat

Post by Stev » Wed, 07 May 2003 23:35:32

Hi all,

I've got Redhat8 running on a PC with a Promise RAID controller.  
Currently the RAID is not enabled and I use software mirroring within
Redhat to do the job for me.  After running it for some time and
performing lots of application customisation to my system, I've decided
that the software RAID is causing me quite a performance hit.

My question therefore:
Is there a nice tidy way for me to backup my system, enable hardware RAID
and put my system back again?

Current disk layout:
1 x 20GB disk running /boot (mostly unused)
2 x 60GB disks mirrored running everything else (approx 5GB used)

Final point:
After performing this work, Id like to remove the 20GB disk, so as an
additional requirement I need to move /boot on to the then hardware
RAIDed pair.

Thanks in advance for any advice.