command not found after RH 7.2 kernel upgrade via "Upgrade Agent"

command not found after RH 7.2 kernel upgrade via "Upgrade Agent"

Post by Felix Fei Li » Wed, 24 Apr 2002 05:41:07


I upgraded the kernel of my Redhat 7.2 (on intel machine) from 2.4.7-10smp to
2.3.9-31smp via the Upgrade Agent (a Gnome GUI tool) sevral days ago. I am not
very sure whether I reboot the system after upgrade.  Now during the shutdown/boot up
time, lots of service and commands are shown as "not found".  I don't how to catch
the screen when system boots up. Is there any way to cahtch it besides using VMware
to boot from another OS?

However, I noticed the following from output of `dmesg`.

u10k1: EMU10K1 rev 8 model 0x8040 found, IO at 0xc400-0xc41f, IRQ 19
APIC error on CPU1: 00(08)
APIC error on CPU0: 00(04)
APIC error on CPU1: 08(08)
APIC error on CPU1: 08(08)
APIC error on CPU0: 04(02)
 ... ... (skip)
APIC error on CPU0: 02(02)
APIC error on CPU0: 02(02)
APIC error on CPU1: 08(04
----------End of `dmesg` ------------

Moreover, the `ifdown` and `ifup` give some error message though it is still functional.

/sbin/ifdown: : command not found

/sbin/ifup: : command not found
Determining IP information for eth0... done.
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup-routes: : command not found


/sbin/ifup: Bourne-Again shell script text executable

Is there something wrong with the linking of those scripts?

I would have another general questions about Linux. My system is with dual Celeron 466 and
384M memory. The terminal screen refreshes very slow when doing a ls on the directory with
lots of files in it (say, more than 500), it is so even after I press a space and return.
It is back to normal after I clear the screen.

It happens when ~350M out of 384M RAM are allocated, where 200M are cached.   I guess the
low memory may cause the problem, but why does this happen? After boot up into gnome, only
~100M are used.  It seems something eats up the memory. However, I only run xmms, usernet,
xosview, netscape and terminal those days.

I would appreciate if anyone could give me any pointer.

Felix Liu


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