Can't compile kernel with ppp 2.2.0e

Can't compile kernel with ppp 2.2.0e

Post by David Corb » Thu, 22 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I recently began having problems where PPP intermittandly gets into a
* funk, and just won't connect.  I gives some ioctl errors in the
debug log.   I've been running 2.1.2d without any real problems until
this happened.  Any way, I said, "I'll go get the latest PPP and see
if the problem goes away".  I did, but with the new PPP, the kernel
won't compile for me.  Why not?  I then said, "I'll get the latest gcc
and see if it compiles then (a move from 2.7.0 to 2.7.2)."  No such
luck.  It now actually generates MORE errors.

All the compile errors happened during the compiliation of
drivers/net/ppp.c.  I'm running 1.2.13-ELF for my kernel, and I
followed the PPP instructions as closely as possible.

Anybody got any tips?



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I compilied ppp2.2.0.e using the following:


                make kernel
                make install
We get:
cd chat make BinDer /usr/sbin
Man Dir = /usr/man
make [1]:Entering directory /usr/ppp-2.2.0e/chat
make[1]:no rule to target install stop
make[1]:Leaving directory /usr/ppp-2.2.0e/chat
make***[install-progr]Error 2

We are using the ELF version

thanks in advance...................................

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