COPS Interface on Linux Firewall

COPS Interface on Linux Firewall

Post by Jupite » Sat, 16 Mar 2002 19:38:33

    Any prototyping of COPS interface implementation on Linux Firewall ?



1. Interface-specific firewall rules with interface aliases

It seems that ipfwadm and aliasing doesn't work very well together.
I've set up my masq box following the configuration given in the
IP-Masquerading mini HOWTO.  When doing a telnet through the masq box
I've got the following entries in the log:

    Sep  6 18:59:53 asgard kernel: IP fw-fwd deny eth0 TCP L=44 S=0x10 I=6055 F=0x0040 T=63

Packets from should have come from eth0:0 but it seems
that the kernel can't tell (after all eth0 and eth0:0 are the same
network card physically!).

The masq box is running pre-2.0.31-8.  Could anyone please give me a

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