Reading multi-volume xenix tar files on non xenix systems

Reading multi-volume xenix tar files on non xenix systems

Post by Eric Sche » Sun, 05 Feb 1995 02:01:06

I am in the process of migrating some old software from a 386
running xenix onto a 486 running Linux (Please, no flames about
OS choice. I'm not interested.)

With the old software monthly archival data was written out to floppies
using Xenix multi-volume tar files. Now, I'd like to be able to read
those multi-volume tar files on the new Linux installation.
The problem is that the floppies contain large files that span
more than one disk.

Xenix tar recognizes that the next disk is a continuation of the
file on the previous disk, but if I untar the disks on linux this,
of course, does not work. The second or subsequence volumes just
get interpreted as a new file with the same name as an existing file,
and the existing file gets overwritten.

As a kludge I can read in the different volumes into separate directories
and append the resulting files with the same name by hand, but this is no
solution for the end user who wants to be able to get at his archival data.
Does anyone have source code for a version of tar that will read these Xenix
multi-volume tar files?


-- eric


Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto


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Thanks for help.
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