gpm/selection problems

gpm/selection problems

Post by Haykel Ben-Jem » Wed, 04 Oct 1995 04:00:00

: I am running linux 1.2.8 and have severe problems with my mouse.
: I have tried running gpm .98 and gpm 1.04 and what happens is this:
: When I move my mouse, just move it, no clicks, it cuts and pastes things
: onto the command line. I have also tried selection and it does the same thing.
: My mouse works fine under X. It is a microsoft compatible on ttyS0.

Take the sources of gpm-1.00 and compile it on your system. In the package
there is a program called "mouse-test" that will tell you which type your mouse
is. I have a microsoft compatible mouse too, and I always used "gpm -t ms" and
had the same problems as you, but the "mouse-test" program told me to use "gpm
-t mman" and everything works fine now :)


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1. (gpm | selection) Problems

I just installed Linux 1.2.8 (from Ygg. Linux Internet Archives - 5 cdrom set)
and have the following problem:

When I move my microsoft compatible mouse, gpm pastes lines onto the command
line, but I have not clicked any buttons! All I have to do is move the mouse,
and the cursor will move wherever the mouse goes, it will paste some, and
sometimes will lock up. I have also tried selection from one of the cd's, and
also selection from my slack 2.02(Linux 1.1.54). They mouse appears to work
fine in X. I switched mouses with my Linux 1.1.54 machine at work, and still
have the same problem.

Please Help!
Walter L. Preuninger II

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