Problem with Keyboard and mouse in X withr a dell computer - PLEASE HELP!

Problem with Keyboard and mouse in X withr a dell computer - PLEASE HELP!

Post by Humber » Tue, 21 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I had the same problem with my Dell XPS T450.  After I loaded linux mandrake
6.1 my mouse and keyboard would not work.  I got a BIOS upgrade from the dell
support page.  I had version A04 and upgraded to version A05, it has been
working without any problems ever since.

Hope This Helps,


1. Mouse and Keyboard problem in X: Suggestions Please

Unfortunately I didn't know if there was / is a log file for starting
X, otherwise I would have posted the two error messages I received.

So, I take a shot at remembering the references made during startup.
One had to do with not finding the map ? for the keyboard and it was
defaulting to a regular.  It said it was not critical so X continued
to load.
Then there was another message about not finding mouse fd? The mouse
acted very weird in X, basically staying on top of the screen and just
moving across the top as I moved it.  

Any suggestions?  


p.s.  If my log file is really needed and I somehow print it out or
save it to a file I'll do it.

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