Fwd: Intel Secrets Web Site forced to quit some web site activity...

Fwd: Intel Secrets Web Site forced to quit some web site activity...

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Subject: Intel Secrets Web Site forced to quit some web site activity...

Date: 9 Nov 1996 19:05:35 -0600
Organization: Intel Secrets Web Site:  http://www.x86.org
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On December 31, 1996, I will stop selling T-Shirts and Mouse Pads.
If you haven't ordered one, then you must do so before this date.
Also on December 31, 1996, the Intel Secrets Web Site will cease
to function under the name "Intel Secrets."  Many changes will take
place at the same time.  I will not discuss the details, so don't
bother to ask.  Instead, go to my web site, and download everything
you can -- because after the end of the year, some of the material
will be going away.

Intel Secrets:  http://www.x86.org


For those of you that don't know about the Intel Secrets home page,
read the following:


Available at this WWW is a repository of undocumented information about
the Intel Architecture x86 processors.  The information spans from 8086
to the P6.

Learn about undocumented opcodes, undocumented bits in debug registers,
processor anomalies, processor bugs, and elegant programming techniques.
Read on-line magazine articles about relevant topics.  And see why Intel
has accessed this site nearly 18000 times (they obviously endorse it).

All of this is available for your viewing and downloading, and is presented
in an entertaining manner (entertaining to most people, that is).

Just point your network browser to the following URL:

Or anonymous FTP source code and other downloadables from:

"Intel Secrets -- What Intel doesn't want you to know"         Robert Collins
HomePage:  http://www.x86.org       Anonymous FTP:  ftp://ftp.x86.org/pub/x86



Respond by post or email, but please don't CC: postings to me; my mailbox
is already quite full.


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