Kernel Panic with recompiled kernel

Kernel Panic with recompiled kernel

Post by Penn Markha » Sun, 08 Apr 2001 08:30:29


I recently recompiled the 2.2.13 kernel on my firewall/router for my
home network.  The only option I changed from my previous kernel was the
one dealing with multiple serial ports.  After I installed the new
kernel and modules, ran lilo, and rebooted, I got a message saying this:

Kernel panic: kmem_cache_sizes_init:  Error creating caches In Swapper
task - not syncing

At this point, the machine stops and the floppy drive light stays lit.
Here are the system specs:

HP Vectra 5/60 VL2
850 MB HD
2 3C509 NIC's
SuSE 6.3 with Kernel 2.2.13

I had lilo set to boot this kernel by default without any delay at the
LILO: prompt, as I have always done.  When I set the timeout to a longer
value, (5 seconds) and then typed in 'linux' at the prompt, the kernel
worked fine.  If I let it timeout, I get the same error message as
above.  I also tried this with the SuSE default kernel.  Again, it
produced a kernel panic when I had it set to boot by default, but typing
in 'suse' works fine.  What did I do wrong and how can I fix it?  Thanks
in advance,



1. Kernel Panic after booting recompiled kernel

I know that there may have been numerous gripes concerning kernel
panic, but I have not found a similar problem to mine and I have been
unsuccessful in trying the solutions that others have suggested.

The error message that I receive after booting off of my newly
recompiled kernel is:

"Error, Cannot mount root fs on 21:06"
"Kernel Panic ... "

The error messages I have seen others post are usually for when root fs
cannot be mounted at 3:08 or something to the effect. I have tried
redirecting the root mount on the floppy to /mnt/hde6 which is the
mount for my root partition. I have actually even tried compiling the
kernel on another machine in which no changes were made and I still
receive the exact same error. I have even reinstalled everything and
still much to no avail. The two machines have the same board, abit be6.

Any suggestions?

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