?Modem Dial In configuration for US robotics sportster modem

?Modem Dial In configuration for US robotics sportster modem

Post by Narendra Goy » Thu, 30 Nov 1995 04:00:00

  I have configured my modem according to steps in
  "The Linux Serial HOWTO" by Greg Hankins.

 I have slackware distribution linux 1.2.8. and US robotics 14.4.
When I dial in to this modem I am able to log in but when I log off
it does not exit cleanly. I have a symbolic link to /dev/modem.

If anybody has a similar working configurations, I would appreciate if
I could get the details.

Narendra Goyal


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        Is this utterly unworkable with Linux Red Hat?  I plan to keep
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        Also, while all that I've read tonight indicated that the US
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Rebecca Ore

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